Group Therapy

Social skills groups help children develop the necessary skills to be part of a group and to develop healthy friendships. Skills are aimed at increasing confidence in social settings by enhancing self-awareness, understanding social expectations and modifying behavior across social settings.

Groups are offered for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Each group is formed based on development, age and school grade. Groups meet twice a month for 90 minutes. Sessions are 8 – 10 weeks long. Parents attend the last 15 minutes of each class for a summary of skills and teaching ideas.

A monthly parent group is also offered to provide in-depth discussion and instruction about ways to generalize skills.

Children who will benefit…

  • Struggle to converse with peers
  • Experience anxiety in social situations
  • Exhibit impulsive, aggressive or awkward social behaviors
  • Become dysregulated in group settings
  • Are inflexible and stubborn
  • Fail to understand the nuances of social interaction

Topics Include…

  • Communication Skills
    • Starting a conversation
    • Maintaining a conversation
    • Staying on topic
    • Don’t Talk Too Long
  • Cooperative Play Skills
    • Initiating and joining play
    • Sharing
    • Compromising
    • Flexibility
  • Self Regulation Skills
    • Expected and Unexpected Behavior
    • Whole Body Listening
    • Flexibility
  • Perspective Taking
    • Understanding the thoughts and feelings of others
    • Nonverbal Communication